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best training wheels

    training wheels
  • Training wheels (also known as stabilisers in the UK) are an additional wheel or wheels mounted parallel to the rear wheel of a bicycle that assist learners until they have developed a usable sense of balance on the bicycle.

  • A pair of small supporting wheels fitted on either side of the rear wheel of a child's bicycle

  • Devices for children's bikes that keep the bicycle upright so Junior can learn to ride safely.

  • (Training wheel) When you are doing a grind and the front foot is rolling along the heel wheel. Usually (and assumed) to be done with a topside soul.

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Best Fitness BFFID10 FID Bench

Best Fitness BFFID10 FID Bench

Best Fitness home workout equipment is manufactured to the same high standards as those set by industry leader Body Solid. Affordably priced and ergonomically designed to fit any household, Best Fitness machines are tested tough and proven effective for a slimmer waistline, defined chest, stronger back, well muscled arms and legs and healthy cardiovascular workouts.

Bring everyday strength training into your living room with the Best Fitness BFFID10 bench. Ideal for barbell and dumbbell exercises, the bench is functional, compact, portable, and durable. The bench offers five starting positions--from a 10-degree negative decline to a 70-degree positive incline--along with durable and comfortable 1.75-inch upholstered pads. Once you've chosen the proper position, you can use the bench for dumbbell presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses, ab crunches, and just about any other sitting exercise. No other piece of equipment offers as much exercise versatility as a combination flat, incline, and decline bench.
The Best Fitness bench is also cheaper in the long run than joining a health club, which can be an expensive, time-consuming routine. Now you can achieve measurable benefits for your overall health by committing to a regular fitness regimen in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Other details include a durable powder-coated finish, safety pins and bolts for easy adjustments, and compatibility with a preacher curl accessory. Fully assembled right out of the box, the BFFID10 measures 18 by 17 by 54.5 inches (W x H x D) and carries a three-year warranty.

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Death on Wheels

Death on Wheels

11 July 2006 Mumbai Train Bombings
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The 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra and India's financial capital. 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured in the attacks. According to the Indian police the bombings were carried out by Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Students Islamic Movement of India.[1]

Pressure cookers with 2.5kg of RDX each [4], were placed on trains plying on the western line of the suburban ("local") train network, which forms the backbone of the city's transport network. The first blast reportedly took place at 18:24 IST (12:54 UTC), and the explosions continued for approximately eleven minutes, until 18:35,[2] during the after-work rush hour. All the bombs had been placed in the first-class "general" compartments (some compartments are reserved for women, called "ladies" compartments) of several trains running from Churchgate, the city-centre end of the western railway line, to the western suburbs of the city. They exploded at or in the near vicinity of the suburban railway stations of Matunga Road, Mahim, Bandra, Khar Road, Jogeshwari, Bhayandar and Borivali.[3][4]

Map showing the 'Western line' and blast locations.Home Minister Shivraj Patil told reporters that authorities had "some" information an attack was coming, "but place and time was not known".[5] will

The bomb attacks in Mumbai came hours after a series of grenade attacks in Srinagar, the largest city in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. However, Home Secretary V K Duggal said there was no link between the Srinagar and Mumbai bomb blasts.[6]

[edit] Injuries and fatalities
11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings
Confirmed casualties Train Blast location Carriage type Time (IST) Deaths Injured Sources
Travelling north
from Churchgate Khar Road - Santacruz First Class 18:24
17:50 Fast Local
Churchgate-Borivali Bandra - Khar Road First Class 18:24
17:37 Slow Local
Churchgate-Borivali Jogeshwari (PF #1) First Class 18:25
17:54 Fast Local
Churchgate-Borivali Mahim Junction (PF #3) First Class 18:26
Travelling north
from Churchgate Mira Road - Bhayandar First Class 18:29
17:57 Fast Local
Churchgate-Virar Matunga Road - Mahim Junction First Class 18:30
17:37 Fast Local
Churchgate-Virar Borivali (PF #4)1 First Class 18:35
Total 11 minutes 209 714 [7]
1 One bomb exploded at this location, but another one was found by police and defused.[2]

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R. R. Patil confirmed that a total of 200 people were killed and another 714 others have been injured.[8] Additionally, various news organisations have reported that at least 200 people have died and that more than 700 others have been injured.[9][10][11][12][13]

A week after the blasts in Mumbai the confirmed death toll rose to 207.[14]

In September of 2006 it was confirmed that the death toll had risen to 209.[15]

[edit] Response
11 July 2006
Mumbai Train Bombings

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Mumbai Suburban Railway
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A state of high alert was declared in India's major cities. Both the airports in Mumbai were placed on high alert. The western line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network was at first shut down, although some trains resumed service later, and stringent security arrangements, including frisking and searching of commuters, were instituted on the other lines of the network. The city's bus service, the BEST, pressed extra buses into service to transport stranded commuters home.[16]

The Prime Minister also held a security meeting at his residence attended by Home Minister Shivraj Patil, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan, and Home Secretary V K Duggal.[17]

[edit] Resumption of services and return to normality
Western Railway services were restored on 11 July by 10.45 pm.[18] As a show of investor confidence, the Mumbai Stock Exchange rebounded, starting the day with the BSE Sensex Index up by nearly 1% in morning trade. Foreign investors also retained confidence, with the Sensex up almost 3% at 10,930.09 at the end of the day's trade.

[edit] Rescue and relief operations
Initial rescue efforts were hampered by the heavy rains and the prevalent monsoon flooding, but quickly took momentum after fellow passengers and bystanders helped victims to reach waiting ambulances and/or provided first aid.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh announced ex-gratia payments of Rs 1,00,000 (approx. US$2,200) to the next of kin of those who died in the explosion. The injured would be given Rs 50,000 (approx. US$1,100) each.[6]
Indian Railways announced Rs 5,00,000 (approx. US$10,000) compensation and a job to the next of kin of those killed in the serial blasts in Mumbai. The announcement

i do

i do

in the gay community there is this running stereotype. like a semi-rare breed of creature, this stereotype is a conservative, mild-mannered, stable and social white american (u.s.) man who marries an asian woman to avoid becoming gay.
they believe themselves noble and compromising in doing so (at least, that's what they think because they really can't accept that they are actually GAY! and trust me, this is a very difficult thing to accept. as hard as it is for others to accept that someone is gay, it is ten times harder to accept for oneself something that was/continues to be so heavily scorned.)
but i digress.
anyway, i can spot this stereotype from a mile away at this point because gaydar isn't actually a radar (i took this picture before i confirmed his condition). it's about reading the profile and personality traits that accompany action and decision. these men move differently.
to me, they are like unrealized legends. they are, for the most part, superior examples of well-adjusted humanness.
and a big caveat here***i'm not saying that every white american male who marries an asian (particularly asian women who have stronger connections to asia itself) is gay. but i am saying that this guy was a pretty good example of the "case" i'm trying to present here.
i think he represents visually all the qualities i'm trying to attribute to this suffering and noble creature -- loyalty, patience, sense & sensibility, endurance, kindness, strength, etc.
i suppose i could digress into wonderings about the women who marry these men. are they "gay men" in women's bodies or does the eastern woman more closely emulate a homosexual's behavior? there really are a hundred different directions one could look about at and study the more one begins to really see how enforced sexual orientation has caused major disruptions in the social fabric. the men who want to be the best and very well might be if given the chance, are instead hampered in life with such moral limitations as to find themselves constricted down into marriage and appearing straight... harsh. and a major economic drain on the intelligence and power of our society.
so i think the sad part is in the wasted moments and years and possibilities that are replaced with the nobility and the suffering. being among the most hated of all god's children is not an easy burden to bear. especially when you don't share the view of your own self worthlessness. these guys are the good guys! they are the ones who most want to fit in with the majority.
and, as someone who has stood outside the moral majority over the past two decades, i can say that it is hard to disassociate from the accusations and impositions of the moral majority unless the moral majority changes, too. we are starting to see these changes in action. and this is strange.
perhaps one day, this creature class of strange stereotype will disappear entirely as the binds of sexual orientation and gender identification yield their suffocating grasp on humanity's throat.
until then, say "i do" to the idea of others being able to be themselves without having to bend their knees so completely to suffering. set this man free.

best training wheels

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